Wujin Daily published a special report on "DINGS’ Technology"

“Strive to be the “Locomotive” of Industry Innovation and Development”

   Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality originates from responsibility, and details make the success", the company has formed product line up with precision motion control products based on stepping motor, expanded by brushless motor and led by voice coil motor. Customers all over the world have been well-known in China domestic, European, American and Korean markets

   The product quality has been widely recognized by the society and attracted the attention of the mainstream media in Changzhou. Wujin daily published on August 31, 2021 published a special report on " Jiangsu DINGS’ Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd " in B5 page, entitled "Striving to be the “Locomotive” for industrial innovation and development". This paper provides an in-depth report on the Entrepreneurship, human-based management mode and future market positioning planning of Mr. Ding Quanjun, General Manager of company

   The full text is reproduced as follows:

Strive to be the "locomotive" of industry innovation and development
——Dialogue with Mr. Ding Quanjun, General Manager of
Jiangsu DINGS’ Intelligent Technology Control Co., Ltd

Reporter Wang Xingfa

   Standing at the intersection of Longjin Road and Changqing Road and looking westward, the standard factory building of the Rail Transit Industrial Park in Changzhou Economic Development Zone is like a huge train, and the first building is like the front of a running train.

   In March of this year, Jiangsu DINGS’ Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as DINGS’ Technology )moved into this plant and started a new journey at the innovative new land of "Southern Jiangsu Innovation Land, the Locomotive of the Times" Recently, our reporter came to DINGS’ Technology , boarded the "Locomotive" and conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Ding Quanjun, General Manager of the company

The strangest reason to start a business

   Mr. Ding Quanjun, whose hometown is Shaoxing, Zhejiang, graduated from Wuhan Huazhong University of science and technology in 1993, majoring in motor design and manufacturing. When college students were assigned "two-way choice" after graduation, he resolutely chose Changzhou

   "Changzhou is the gathering place of micro and special motor industry, and Changzhou BMW Group, founded in 1959, was the key research and production base of the former Ministry of electronic industry. At that time, it was the first brand in China." In BMW Group, Mr. Ding Quanjun found his position and displayed his skills in familiar professional fields.

   With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, private enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and foreign-funded enterprises have also entered the country one after another, bringing a wider range of employment opportunities to professional and technical talents. In 1998, Mr. Ding Quanjun left the BMW Group to work in a foreign-funded enterprise. During this period, he served as the general manager of a US-owned company for 5 years.

   In April 2008, Ding quanjun registered and established Changzhou DINGS' Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of DINGS' Technology) in Tian'an Industrial Town, Xinbei district.

   "There is a very peculiar reason why I came out to start a business, that is, I want to be free from the control of others." Mr.Ding Quanjun smiled and told reporters, "Moreover, from the beginning, I did not allow my family members to participate in the company's affairs. So far, none of the more than 150 employees has family members or relatives."

   At the beginning, the enterprise had only one million dollars investments, and the rented plant was only 1000 square meters. As for products, Mr. Ding Quanjun will not leave his familiar field. However, as a motor, it is as different as possible, focusing on the production of precision hybrid stepper screw linear actuator in micro and special motor industry, including linear actuator, full series hybrid stepping motor, DC permanent magnet motor, supporting drive controller and high-end customized DC brushless motor.

   In the second half of 2020, an agreement to enter the Rail Transit Industrial Park in the Economic Development Zone was signed, and production was completed after the overall relocation was completed in March this year. In just three months, the company became a listed company on the new third board market in June this year. At present, it is working hard to expand the road of capital operation, and strive to enter the main board market as soon as possible.

Human-based flexible working system

   Mr. Ding Quanjun implemented enterprise management in strict accordance with the standards of foreign enterprises. The first employee he recruited was in finance. His requirements for finance are: do a good job in financial work legally and compliantly in accordance with laws and regulations, and do not evade taxes; All employees shall pay five insurances and one fund; The system of two-day rest for one week shall be implemented. Production workers shall work overtime due to production needs and insist on paying overtime wages in accordance with the provisions of the labor contract law.

   About half of the 150 employees at DINGS’ Technology are office workers, who take a two-day rest for one week break and work flexibly on weekdays, allowing them to leave work at any time after completing their work.

   In this regard, Ding Quanjun explained, "Since I don't want to be controlled by others, I'm sure they don't want to be controlled too much from the employee's point of view. In addition, in the age of the Internet, office work does not have to sit in the office, and with a computer, office work can be done anywhere. Like myself, I'm away from work for six months a year, and I like to travel and visit clients, so I just have to bring a laptop with me."

   The flexible working system is obviously a human-based management model, which has an incomparable advantage of "salary + treatment" for attracting talents. DINGS’ Technology has more than 30 high-end R&D talents in this small factory of 150 people. In the 13 years since its establishment, the company has also achieved a series of impressive achievements: it has successively obtained 65 authorized patents, including 6 invention patents, and another 7 invention patents and 15 utility model patents have been declared and are waiting for authorization. In recent years, the company's production and sales have achieved annual growth of about 30%. In 2020, it will complete an output value of 130 million yuan, ranking second in the world in the linear actuator segment industry. Among them, the output value of high-tech products accounted for 80%. In the first half of this year, not only did the relocation of enterprises not affect production, on the contrary, the sales revenue in the first half of this year exceeded 100 million yuan. When the global epidemic continues to break out, the company still has continuous orders, and the sales proportion of products at domestic and abroad reaches 60% and 40% respectively. Among them, the global market is spreading all over the United States, South Korea, Germany, Italy and other developed countries regions. It is expected to realize sales of 200 million yuan during the year.

Optimistic health industry chain

   "After years of development, DINGS’ Technology has achieved a certain scale and relatively mature technology, and is in a leading position in the global linear actuator segment. But on the whole, the micro-motor industry has a relatively low degree of concentration and a large number of companies. The scale is small, and competition in the industry is fierce. For this reason, in the long run, DINGS’ Technology will focus on the concept of health care and take the road of specialization and innovation'." Mr. Ding Quanjun introduced that DINGS’ Technology products are widely used in the field of medical devices, and China's medical device field, as the most potential market, more and more overseas high-end medical device manufacturers enter the Chinese market, increasing the pressure of market competition. If the company cannot adapt to such market changes and customer needs, and cannot further enhance its core competitiveness in product development, technological innovation and customer service, it will inevitably face huge market risks. Based on this consideration, DINGS’ Technology invested more than 10 million yuan to purchase high-end CNC equipment, precision testing equipment, and introduce processing centers to settle in Changzhou Economic Development Zone as a whole. In the second half of this year, the company will invest another 15 million yuan in research and development of core components used in medical instruments, rehabilitation equipment, fitness equipment and other applications. At the same time, products such as linear actuators, precision stepping motors, precision gear boxes, voice coil motors, servo motors, drive controllers and components are extended. Especially in aerospace and aviation equipment, strive to achieve substitution of imports.

   Mr. Ding Quanjun told reporters that the company has attached great importance to international operation since its establishment. DINGS’ technology set up a subsidiary in the United States in 2010 to be responsible for the development and sales of the North American market. In 2016, it set up an office in South Korea and established sales areas in developed countries such as Germany, Italy, Britain and Israel. At the same time, it is planned to set up factories in Vietnam, Mexico and other places according to the subsequent changes in the international situation to layout the global operation mode.

   With years of accumulation and continuous innovation investment, DINGS’ technology has the ability to be familiar with and control the domestic and foreign markets. Mr. Ding Quanjun said: "DINGS’ Technology is further accumulating development momentum, taking the road of small batch, multi variety and customized operation, better playing the role of leading company in linear actuator segmentation industry and being a 'locomotive' for innovation and development."