Brushless DC Motor

DINGS' provides 8 different sizes of Brushless DC motors have several advantages, including start and speed regulation, higher power density and over load capacity.

From 16mm to 86mm with power output ranging from 9.2W to 471.2W, DINGS' provides 8 frame sizes and according customer's requirements, higher capacity of Brushless DC Motors can be customized.

Brushless DC Motors can be used between stepper and AC Servo as low voltage DC Servo solution. Compare to regular stepper, it can run at high speed up to 3,000RPM without losing running torque as like conventional stepper solution but also compare to AC Servo, Brushless DC motor can be alternative as economic choice for wide range of applications as like Logistic Automation (AGV), office automation, timing belt, packaging, textile industry, food/beverage and others.

Especially 16ZWC32L-1 motor can reach 16,300RPM high speed of operation.

DINGS' Brushless DC Motors has an option with basic hall sensors and also incremental encoder up to 10,000PPR to be low voltage DC servo and also gearboxes can be chosen as an option.

For packaging and food/beverage applications, DINGS' is able to provide IP ratings of Brushless DC Motor. For more information, please contact us.

Brushless DC Motor Images